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Wabana Boys and Girls Club

Wabana Boys and Girls Club strive to offer children and youth from all economic, cultural and social backgrounds access to the resources, supports and opportunities that will enable them to overcome barriers and achieve their positive potential in life. They provide a safe, supportive place, where every child is listened to, treated with respect and valued in an environment of inclusion and acceptance.



Year(s) Funded: 2007, 2010, 2012-2017

Amount of Funding Awarded to Date: $ 55,725



Address City Province Phone Country
Quigleys Line   A0A 4H0 Bell Island NL 488-2288 Canada

Program(s) Funded:

Program: Youth Volunteer Program $5,000 (2017): This program engages youth is a volunteer program that offers new skills, training opportunities, and increased responsibilities.

Funding from United Way was used to provide staffing, cash and other incentives for program members, and training.

Fit Kids - Eat Healthy and Exercise Daily $4,875 (2016): This program encourages members to take care of themselves by being active and eating healthy.  Throughout the Summer and the school year the focus is on specific health topics such as hands on cooking classes, fun physical activities, and teaching them how to make wise choices about health.

Funding from United Way was used to purchase healthy food and snacks throughout the 2016-2017 year, purchase new equipment to improve interest in physical activity such as hula hoops, skipping ropes, other gym equipment etc. as well as to purchase prizes for the point system that will be established to reach fitness and health goals

Program: Daily Programs $9,950 (2015): Wabana Boys & Girls Club offers a variety of programs to 360 members between ages 5 – 18 years of age, year round. These programs are Educational, Health & Fitness and Social.

Program: Go Club (Girls Only Club) $9,900 (2014): The purpose of this program was to increase the participation of girls in the club by providing them with meaningful programming and leadership opportunitites, in hopes of fostering empowerment.

Funding from United Way was used to purchase new equipment and program supplies to improve interest in physical activities and other programs for female members. Healthy snacks were also provided for guest speaker(s) invited to discuss a topic of the Go Club's choice.

Program: Kids in Action $9,500 (2013): The Kids in Action program engages children in developing a health plan for their future, while creating a fun, active learning environment. Throughout the summer and school year there will be a weekly focus on specific health topics, such as hands on cooking classes, fun physical activities, setting personal goals, and making wise choices about health. The Boys and Girls Club hope to give the children a greater knowledge of eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which will improve their lives significantly.

Program: Adventure Camp $7,500 (2012): The goal of this project was to add as many new components to the summer camp as possible. This would give members a chance to experience new opportunities, gain valuable skills, and would generate and sustain interest in the camp throughout the summer.

Funding from United Way was used to purchase supplies, cover travel and bussing costs to St John's, pay for training events and dance instructors, and cover other operational costs.

Program: H.E.L.P (Health Education and Living with Purpose) $5,000 (2010): The HELP program focuses on improving the quality of life for youth and families on Bell Island. The club is concerned about the physical and emotional well-being of their youth, and feels that getting the community involved in creating awareness about the issue and fun events to combat some of the concerns will improve the outlook and health of the young people and their families.

Funding from United Way was used to purchase materials and supplies for sports activities, to coordinate the community events and to run education sessions for families.

Program: Healthy Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle $4,000 (2007): An exercise program that helped children learn the necessity of having exercise in their daily activities and provide healthy snacks.

Funding from United Way was used to purchase exercise equipment and mats, as well as, the purchase of healthy snacks.