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Single Parent Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

The Single Parent Association of Newfoundland was founded in 1987. Our objective is to provide support for single parents, enabling them to regain control over their lives for the empowerment of themselves and their children.

The Single Parent Association of Newfoundland recognizes the ever increasing demands and pressures on the family unit. Through a number of practical programs and services, SPAN offers single parents and their families support and connectedness with kindness.


Year(s) Funded: 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014-2016

Amount of Funding Awarded to Date: $58,500



Address City Province Phone Country
Virginia Park Plaza   A1A 5G6 St. John's NL (709) 738-3401 Canada

Program(s) Funded:

Program: Replacement of Failing Service Vehicle $20,000 (2016): The service vehicle is used for food and supply pick ups and help with the clothing service offered to SPAN clients.

Funding from United Way was used to purchase a "new" service vehicle, as well as, 2 sets of  tires and to help offset a rise in the car insurance

Program: Food & Clothing Distribution Service our "Outlet" $7,500 (2015): This program offers free food hampers monthly for single parent families, as well as, free clothing, books, small household items. The outlet is open to the public.

Program: Financial Literacy and Management $7,500 (2014): This program provided basic financial knowledge and money-management skills, delivered in small groups, one-on-one, and electronically via website link and electronic client newsletter.

Funding from United Way was used for staff time in preparation of curriculum, management oversight, and cost of material handouts.

Program: Food & Clothing Outlet $10,000 (2012): As part of this project, clothing and small household items were distributed to the general public. Monthly food hampers were brought to single parent households.

Funding from United Way went towards providing one half of a salaried position and also hiring an employee with the required skills to assist the staff. SPAN was able to help approximately 1,000 people who lack the income to meet the most basic of needs for their families.

Program: Operational Funding $7,500 (2012): SPAN has long needed and Administrative Assistant to support the executive director in day-today operations. This will improve the efficiency of services to our client.

Funding from United Way went directly towards the salary of a permanent full time position of Administrative Assistant.

Program: Food & Clothing Distribution Service $1,000 (2005), $6,000 (2008): This service provided single parent families with free food supplies once a month and two bags of clothes per month. Yearly costs of maintaining the program are approximately $50 000 to serve 500 plus registered single parents and approximately 200 additional clothing only recipients.

Funding from United Way went towards supporting transportation costs, and the Associations salaried staff who take care of the service.