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Community Mediation Services

Community Mediation Service (CMS) started operation in 1995 as a volunteer member organization. The mission of CMS is to promote collaborative conflict resolution and restorative justice as ways to create safe wealthy communities where diversity is respected and relationships are valued.


CMS provides the following services:

  • Training in conflict and mediation skills (have trained over 1000 people)
  • Peer Mediation training (established programs in over 30 schools)
  • Free community mediation service (roster of 20 trained volunteer mediations)

They also work to promote Restorative Justice principles and practices as part of the Restorative Justice Coalition of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Year(s) Funded: 2005

Amount of Funding Awarded to Date: $11 000


Address City Province Phone Country
98 Elizabeth Ave   A1B 1R8 St. John's NL Canada

Program(s) Funded:

Program: Adult Victim Offender Mediation Pilot Project $1000 (2005):

The three key stakeholders of VOM programs are:
1.Victims of crime
3.The community in which they live or in which the crime occurred:

(The government and the general public will also benefit from this program, since one of the main goals is to create a safer community).

  • All parties who take part in this program do so, on a voluntary basis; therefore, those who participate demonstrate a willingness to try a new way to deal with crime and conflict.
  • Victims will have a greater voice in this process and have a say in how offenders make up for the harm they have caused.
  • Offenders will have an opportunity to learn the impact of their actions, and take real accountability.
  • The volunteers who act as mediators are volunteers who are highly trained, highly skilled and dedicated to promoting healing, safety, and a stronger community by facilitating restorative approaches to dealing with crime.

Funding from the United Way went towards training volunteer mediators (in specific VOM skills), creating an effective evaluation of the pilot project, and obtaining outreach to build support for the program within the Justice system.

Program: Victim Offender Facilitated Dialogue Initiative $10,000 (2005): This program involves creating opportunities for victims of crime to meet face to face with the people who have committed offences against them (offenders). These meetings are facilitated by highly trained volunteer facilitators. Benefits of the program for victims include: improved health, well-being due to sense of empowerment, and closure provided in mediation. For offenders, there is an increased opportunity to learn and take responsibility for actions, allowing for possible community reintegration. Overall, all participants gain skills and experience that they can use in their professional and personal lives.

Funding from the United Way was used to hire a coordinator for the initiative and also to help CMS to take further steps toward establishing a post charge victim offender mediation program.