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Public Legal Information Society NL

PLIAN is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating Newfoundlanders and Labradorians about the law. They provide public legal education and information services with the intent of increasing access to justice. Their primary goals include the dissemination of public legal information throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and the strengthening of public confidence in the legal system.

Year(s) Funded: 2012, 2017

Funding Awarded to Date: $25,000


Address City Province Phone Country
Suite 227, 31 Peet Street   St. John's NL (709) 722-2643 Canada

Program(s) Funded:

Program: Youth Justice Camp $5,000 (2017): This camp is a 2-3 day camp for youth aged 12-15. Attendees learn about the law in various ways including field trips, activities, presentations and a mock trial.

Funding from United Way was used to cover costs associated with the delivery of the program (venue rental, snacks and lunches, transportation, supplies for acitivities/art projects, etc.). 

The Seniors Companion Project $20,000 (2012): The goal of this project was to developed a plain language guide for seniors that would outline legal implications of entering into agreements (such as joint bank accounts), and provide information on such issues as signing over houses and money dealings when entering long-term care.
Funding from United Way Was used to help cover the salary of one staff member to research, write, and develop the guide. Funding was also used to cover costs of printing, distribution and advertising.